Self Hosted Blog on Shared / VPS / Dedicated Hosting

Blogspot Blogs is a great resource for newbie bloggers to get started, but according to Technorati State of blogosphere , most of the major blogs are self hosted WordPress or Movable type. This post is dedicated for all those ambitious bloggers who want to go ahead from their normal blogging. Mainly it will be covering web hosting details like, Shared host, Virtual Private Server & Dedicated Hosting and more on it.

Before finding solution for your need, Let’s understand types of Web Hosting..

Shared Hosting:
It’s the cheapest hosting solutions that vary from $1 to $20 per month. It has various options like server space, Bandwidth, Add-on domains, sub-domains etc. as name suggest its shared hosting, you are sharing the server with other websites. Due to this you have limited access to server, limited in terms of controlling server options. Usually here CPU limit is the key factor that needs to be cross checked. Since sharing server with other sites you are not allowed to use Server’s CPU more than a limit. Usually this limit varies from 15-25 % CPU. For startups Shared hosting is ultimate cost efficient solution to start with can easily handle 10K unique visitors a day.

Virtual Private Server:
VPS is advanced version of Shared hosting, Single server is split into multiple servers virtually. So the multiple servers work on single server. You get more access over server as compared to shared host. You get your dedicated RAM, Dedicated CPU limits. Cost varies according to your requirements in terms of Space, Bandwidth, RAM, CPU etc. You will find most of the web blogs uses VPS. Virtual private Server can serve heavy number visitors.

Dedicated Server:
It’s dedicated PC for you. Costly affair but great for Big giants. You got complete control over the server. Best solution for Big Blogs with web-apps.

Now you know where you stands, buy your hosting package, usually host comes up with inbuilt script installers. If not grab your code from WordPress Repository or Movable type Repository. Upload them. You are set.

Operating System matters sometimes:
You may find running a Windows server might be costly as compared to Linux flavored server. Usually both servers fulfill preliminary requirements. But do check with your server before you Purchase.

I hope you find this post informative.
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Youtube Trick 2 - Advancing the video to a specific playback point.

If you ever wanted to link to a video in YouTube that was lengthy, but had a very interesting part partway through, there is a hack to allow you to begin playback at a precise time. You can specify the minutes and seconds of the start time like this:

add #t=53s to the end of the URL to start at 53 seconds into it:


add #t=1m57s to the end of the video URL to start playback at 1 minute 57 seconds:


Think of this as bookmarking your video clips! Now you can link to a video, and have an index of the segments included, which link right to that precise moment